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By: carmenwrivera | February 01, 2017

During and after any natural disaster or conflict between states, the people that suffer the most are common people. For example, after any natural calamity like earth quake, flood or tsunami most of the people flee only with the cloths they are wearing. There is no time to collect all the valuables and other belongings to take with themselves.

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Post calamity or conflict time:-

After any such condition or war, the people find refuge in mass shelters. The first and the main thing supplied to them are eatables and clean water which are very necessary for their survival. But, with these necessary supplies they also need other basic necessities that don’t comprise of eatables and water but play a vital role in the survival and post ...

By: carmenwrivera | January 04, 2017

Natural calamities and phenomenons can happen anytime resulting in the unwanted results for any community, city or a country. God forbid if anything like this happens a chaotic situation appears where no one knows what to do and from where can his needs be fulfilled. Any natural tragedy that can happen to mankind include earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, torpedoes and hurricanes, etc. which can leave the people of the area homeless or without food and medicines without days.

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Role of aid agencies:-

After any such tragedy the government, aid agencies and the world community becomes aware of the needs of the people struck by disaster. Plans are made by these agencies on how to facilitate the people of the specific area. The threshold of the cal...

By: carmenwrivera | December 09, 2016

The humanitarian efforts in a crisis situation requisite high quality delivery mechanism that can undertake all aspects needed to bolster the effort. The research and development that has been incorporated in the design and development of innovative products is a groundbreaking trend that is adopted by relief suppliers.

The availability of customized products and services in different forms has pioneered the new age of rescue operations. However, even after immense planning the implementation may not achieve the desired level of execution; why is that?

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First and foremost, it is important to understand the nature of the crisis. Crisis situation and its impact on people will vary significantly.

People may get displaced due to earthquakes, ...

By: carmenwrivera | November 30, 2016

When you say that it is long lasting, it makes sense for the customer to buy an expensive product. It is the high quality and durability of the product that sum up to a convincing reason. Consumers would always be interested in the product that has a longer lifetime. The findings of a survey in Europe revealed that 90% of the survey participants were ready to buy an expensive dishwasher that was guaranteed to last two years longer than the other dishwashers. Furthermore, around 56% boost was recorded in the sales of products that got labeled as long lasting.

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People investing in long lasting products are rather making a wise decision as compared to people making less durable selection. A cheaper washing machine would soon go out of functio...

By: carmenwrivera | November 25, 2016

The energy crisis that is faced by the whole world is no big news to any one of us. We have been hearing for years now that mankind has abused and exploited various sources of energy over time and due to this negligent behavior, we have lost out on precious energy resources that could have been made to last longer. Another problem with using non-renewable sources of energy is that they produce a lot of carbon emissions which have been causing global warming and the greenhouse effect. Many of these problems could have been easily avoided had we not been so negligent with our environment in the past. If we had paid attention and worked more on energy conservation, the world would not be facing this crisis currently.

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This is not to say that ...

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By: carmenwrivera | November 03, 2016

The beautiful park behind the road has been crumpled and houses have been destroyed. Buildings, banks, shopping centers all are gone. Gun shots, fire, bullets, bomb blasts have happened all around and there is smoke in the air. Those who suffered through all this shiver when they hear voices of army boots nearby. They are left homeless and surrendering to the troops as at least they can then get a roof in the prison. The prison is not a safe place either, but the roof will save them from the harsh weather. These are the sufferers and feel even more unfortunate on being in the shelter provided by those who demolished their houses and killed their loved ones; they massacred the people of their country. Some of these survivors wish that they w...

By: carmenwrivera | May 12, 2016

It is going to be a matter of life and death in those defining moments when a natural disaster strikes. Such situations when they occur, they make things complicated and not many are able to be in their senses one hundred percent. Panicking in such situations can be classified as a norm. On a realistic note there is not much that can be done, despite man has achieved some huge landmarks in the modern world in the form of technological growth. Fighting with natural disasters and control them is something out of the question yet.

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The proactive and precautionary approach may however, help one to some extent and may allow him/her to buy some time for rescue teams to arrive and rescue him/her from the affected areas. One must ensure that there ...

By: carmenwrivera | April 20, 2016

You simply cannot rely on low quality core relief items in an event where your area is struck by natural disaster. It is a matter of life and death. Half measures would mean play with half chances, something you won’t and shall not do when you are forced to evacuate and live the life of a refugee. Shelter is the key facility that you will be looking for to start with. In such remote areas where you may have to stay for weeks until the situation is control you need reliable tents that are weather proof and long lasting. You cannot simply go for any tent as you may have no idea how hot, wet, humid or windy this new temporary place would be.

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In such situations my advice would be that you may go for the best, NRS-International  i...

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Core Relief Items

Usually, whenever there is the mention of Core Relief items, UNCHR appears in the mind. The link between the previously mentioned items and the relief agency is logical for two reasons. First, it is it is its raison d’être, and second, it has a vast experience in handling disasters. The first reason makes it work relentlessly to devise and work on articles that can alleviate the woes of unfortunate people. Besides, it pays heed to present those relief goods to suffering people in a timely and effective manner. For both of these purposes, it not only works on with its sister and peer entities but also with those hailing from the private sector. This working in unison has brought forth certain articles that populate the Core Relief items. The...

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The chief advantage of an instance of Solar Phone Chargers is that it frees you from the dimension of space. All you need to do is to carry the charger with you, find some sun rays to breathe a new life into the charger’s battery and then transfer this notion into your phone when needed. In addition to our everyday life, these Solar Phone Chargers seem to be an efficient solution for our holidays. During such periods of leisure, we may have the less access to regular power outlets. For instance, if you have plans to explore a city on foot, you cannot stop for hours to get your phone’s battery revived. 
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It is equally true that we find ourselves rather more dependent on the phones while following one’s heart during vacati...