Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | October 11, 2017


I have come across this question several times. Especially, when I am on a casual mission of socializing with my social networks, whenever the debate on natural and manmade disaster takes place, it is my aim to help improve the awareness levels of many about the drastic aftermath situations that are associated with these threats.

When the topic of relief supplies comes that are very core in nature, many people are clueless and one cannot blame them for that. Media channels like the internet, television, radio and newspapers are now playing significant role in spreading the word about the crucial roles that are played by core relief items in an emergency situation.


Can it be just anything?

I am afraid not. If you a...

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By: carmenwrivera | October 02, 2015

Core Relief Items

Usually, whenever there is the mention of Core Relief items, UNCHR appears in the mind. The link between the previously mentioned items and the relief agency is logical for two reasons. First, it is it is its raison d’être, and second, it has a vast experience in handling disasters. The first reason makes it work relentlessly to devise and work on articles that can alleviate the woes of unfortunate people. Besides, it pays heed to present those relief goods to suffering people in a timely and effective manner. For both of these purposes, it not only works on with its sister and peer entities but also with those hailing from the private sector. This working in unison has brought forth certain articles that populate the Core Relief items. The...