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By: carmenwrivera | November 25, 2016

The energy crisis that is faced by the whole world is no big news to any one of us. We have been hearing for years now that mankind has abused and exploited various sources of energy over time and due to this negligent behavior, we have lost out on precious energy resources that could have been made to last longer. Another problem with using non-renewable sources of energy is that they produce a lot of carbon emissions which have been causing global warming and the greenhouse effect. Many of these problems could have been easily avoided had we not been so negligent with our environment in the past. If we had paid attention and worked more on energy conservation, the world would not be facing this crisis currently.

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This is not to say that ...

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By: carmenwrivera | June 24, 2015

The chief advantage of an instance of Solar Phone Chargers is that it frees you from the dimension of space. All you need to do is to carry the charger with you, find some sun rays to breathe a new life into the charger’s battery and then transfer this notion into your phone when needed. In addition to our everyday life, these Solar Phone Chargers seem to be an efficient solution for our holidays. During such periods of leisure, we may have the less access to regular power outlets. For instance, if you have plans to explore a city on foot, you cannot stop for hours to get your phone’s battery revived. 
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It is equally true that we find ourselves rather more dependent on the phones while following one’s heart during vacati...