Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | May 12, 2016

It is going to be a matter of life and death in those defining moments when a natural disaster strikes. Such situations when they occur, they make things complicated and not many are able to be in their senses one hundred percent. Panicking in such situations can be classified as a norm. On a realistic note there is not much that can be done, despite man has achieved some huge landmarks in the modern world in the form of technological growth. Fighting with natural disasters and control them is something out of the question yet.

Disaster Relief Supplies  

The proactive and precautionary approach may however, help one to some extent and may allow him/her to buy some time for rescue teams to arrive and rescue him/her from the affected areas. One must ensure that there are basic disaster relief supplies that are kept intact at all times as these supplies will allow him to deal with minor injuries, items that can meet his temporary shelter needs like mini portable tents that are lighter in weight and easy to carry. 

Cutters, pliers and other basic tools that may help in rescuing from dangerous places that may collapse anytime, international organizations like UNHCR and WHO has been working closely with disaster relief supplies manufacturers and have provided the general public with a list of recommend core relief items that can be very helpful in such disastrous situations and may play the role of a life saver. If you have not got one for yourself by now, you must get it now as it is this basic kit that may do wonders for you when you are desperately in need of some help. Remember disasters like earthquake don’t warn before they hit so you must be fully equipped all the time.


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