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By: carmenwrivera | November 25, 2016

The energy crisis that is faced by the whole world is no big news to any one of us. We have been hearing for years now that mankind has abused and exploited various sources of energy over time and due to this negligent behavior, we have lost out on precious energy resources that could have been made to last longer. Another problem with using non-renewable sources of energy is that they produce a lot of carbon emissions which have been causing global warming and the greenhouse effect. Many of these problems could have been easily avoided had we not been so negligent with our environment in the past. If we had paid attention and worked more on energy conservation, the world would not be facing this crisis currently.

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This is not to say that no work has been done in this department. Since the 60’s, scientists have realized how we have damaged our environment and they have been giving sustainable living solutions. A lot of work is being done in the field of sustainable living conditions. After the whole revelation that we have been consuming non-renewable sources of energy for so long, scientists decided to look for alternate options. The equation was pretty simple; we just needed one source of energy that is abundantly available to be converted to an artificial source of energy like electricity. In doing so, scientists also realized they would be using natural resources that never run out. What does the sun do? It gives a lot of light and heat; two largely wasted sources of energy. And thus, solar energy and solar light suppliers came in to play.

Not just solar energy, but also wind. Wind is a form of kinetic and mechanical energy which can be converted to electrical or heat energy, whichever one we want. The rule is simple: energy can never be destroyed and it is only converted to different forms and faces. Wind energy could also be captured and utilized to generate electrical energy. The wind won’t lessen in intensity or amount just because a wind mill is running. The sun won’t come out less often because we have taken all its energy. These are continuous sources of natural energy and they are brilliant ways to keep humans living sustainably. Solar light suppliers are spread over the world wherever solar energy is used. It might be expensive but in the long run, it’s worth it. 

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