Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | May 31, 2017

No natural disaster can be stopped even if we know about it like flood, storms or torpedoes hitting our areas. What can be done in some of these situations is to do some precautionary measures like,

  • Preparing for the worst
  • Moving to safe place
  • Gathering food
  • Collecting Important supplies
  • Clothes according to the climate
  • First aid boxes
  • Dry food and water
  • Calling the emergency agencies, etc.


Any of the natural disaster can be devastating for the people as they may lose their valuables, family members, friends etc. A lot of them get crippled for life and those who survive are in so much shock that it takes time to get them back to normality.

Relief Supplier   

Although, Government and authorities act at their fullest but still there are some areas where no relief supplier can reach and people are at their own in severe climate conditions and they also may be without a roof on their head. What needs to be done here? Let’s briefly describe.

Call the emergency response:-

If the rescue teams haven’t located any area or if by any other reason they are unable to reach you and you with your loved ones are stranded in the middle of nowhere then you need to call the emergency response center for quick pick up. 

Call the emergency response  

Keep an eye on the situation:-

Remember if a flood, tornado or an earthquake has hit your area and you are still in the area then keep a close look at the upcoming situations like aftershocks, or to check if the flood water hits your area or not. Listening to news on radio or TV (if available) can be extremely beneficial.

Food and water:-

If you need to relocate for a better and safe place then it is a great thing if you pack with you some dry food items and a quantity of clean water as it may happen that re-locating to a safe place might take a couple of days. So it’s better to be prepared and loaded.

First aid box and supplies:-

Remember due to destruction you may not be able to communicate with any one or the authorities of the relief supplier agencies don’t have any idea of your area you may have to wait for days in the disaster hit areas. So it’s better to have a first aid kit.

Because floods can cause diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, faintness etc. and earthquakes and tornadoes can injure any one, so it’s better to pack important first aid items to keep yourself and the loved ones safe in any of the testing times.


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