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By: carmenwrivera | May 15, 2017

A recent survey performed on the number of displaced people notice around 45.3 million individuals are refugees either because of war conflictions, discrimination or natural and environmental disasters. It is expected that the number of refugees may exceed 50 million by the end of 2020.

Countless refugee tent manufacturers are performing their best to provide a durable shelter solution for them to avoid environmental and weather difficulties. Many other authorities as well struggle for health and normalcy related matters for these refugees.

How To Plan Better For Refugee Shelters  

Better Shelter Availability:

The common shelters for refugees are only adjusting 4-5 individuals which are not an enough solution for a single family. They mostly do not work for a long period. The families mostly suffer all of the environmental and weather hardships once the shelter is damaged.

Architects are constantly working on establishing long-lasting, cost effective, mobile and adjustable solutions for refugees. Next to this, are the popular designs shaped by global architects for immigrant shelters.


Ex-container is a shelter design that was designed by Japanese architects in response to the natural disaster in 2011. Various sizes of families can easily be adjusted once these containers are stacked together that let all of the individuals live in the same area.


Being the most durable solution for refugee’s shelter, ex-containers are expensive as compare to the typical tents.

Socially-Conscious Refugee Shelter:

To establish a refugee shelter while presenting a community feel for them also, Felix Stark presented this design based on a water-resistive but absorptive material to help in ventilation. The structure consists of 19 rooms which can adjust three people individually.

These designs are cheap enough that can be manufactured while investing less than the standard refugee shelters of equivalent arrangement.

Woven Tent Shelter:

Woven tent shelters are portable shelters totally manufactured from fabrics that allow air flow. They can be adjusting depending on the family size as they possess both expand-ability and shrink-ability. Cooling or heating may be delivered in the shelter by uniting piping throughout the structure.

Woven Tent Shelter  


As compare to ordinary shelters that are provided by refugee tent manufacturers, the latest designs developed by different architects around the world, are durable. However, the ordinary shelters are affordable enough as compare to these shelters that an ordinary individual cannot afford easily during disaster.

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