Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | April 13, 2017

Home Storage:

Life cannot be too bad while having food in possession. However, home storage must have enough items other than food that are helpful to be prepared for whatever emergency situations.

To fully equip the home storage from items that are helpful for dealing hazardous situation easily, taking an inventory of items is required that are already in possession and identifying those that are missing. The following tips are helpful for taking such inventory of items.

Non-Food Items  

  • Non-food items must be listed that are required to be around.
  • Average cost and top price to pay must be identified.
  • For those extra items, set a monthly budget to have them every month.
  • Save the money until you find it, if an item is out of stock.

List Of Items Other Than Food:

Following is a list of items that are helpful for handling any type of disastrous situation. Instead if not a disastrous situation, still they are required sometime.

Toilet Paper:

Besides the obvious hygiene benefits of toilet paper, when they are available in plenty amount, they can easily be used for making emergency survival heater. The inside rolls of toilet paper is helpful for starting a fire and making pots for seeds starters.

Cold Medicines And Pain Relievers:

The worst life experience is when one gets sick when there is no facility of providing first aid supply for him. The dollar store must always be check for sample items and rotating them is required for sure.

Cold Medicines And Pain Relievers  

Duct Tape:

Duct tape is an amazing product having countless uses. Ranging from tent holes repairing to emergency bandages, for everything duct tape is helpful.

Paper Goods:

Paper plates, towels and cups are invaluable is power out situation and also when unexpected guests arrive. They are helpful for avoiding washing the dishes after having a dinner in power outage.

Contractor Trash Bags:

Uses of contractor trash bags are more than that of a duct tape. Those heavy duty contractor trash bags are helpful for making ropes, clean-up mess and building shelter for staying dry in emergency situation.


Another preparedness item that can be used during more than a few emergency situations is tarp. They are invaluable for you and your things protection. They are best for having shelter when going out for a trip or camping.

The Statement:

Some of the non-food Items listed above mostly stay ideal and are never been used for years. Still they need to be in possession as emergency situation does not use alarms when they are approaching. Fully equipped store must always be maintained to deal any unexpected situation.


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