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By: carmenwrivera | November 30, 2016

When you say that it is long lasting, it makes sense for the customer to buy an expensive product. It is the high quality and durability of the product that sum up to a convincing reason. Consumers would always be interested in the product that has a longer lifetime. The findings of a survey in Europe revealed that 90% of the survey participants were ready to buy an expensive dishwasher that was guaranteed to last two years longer than the other dishwashers. Furthermore, around 56% boost was recorded in the sales of products that got labeled as long lasting.

Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets  

People investing in long lasting products are rather making a wise decision as compared to people making less durable selection. A cheaper washing machine would soon go out of function and then you would need to buy a new one. The difference in between the prices of cheap product and expensive product is usually not that broad. But if you buy cheap one, you just widen the gap in between the costs incurred.

There are products that are going to be cheap no matter how long the lifetime guarantees they have. It is because of the readiness with which the product material is available in the market. Long lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) are and an example of affordable and durable product. If 90% of the survey participants were ready to buy an “expensive” but “long lasting” product, then I suppose 100% of the participants would be willing to buy a “not-so-expensive” but “long lasting” product.

Now, let us talk about the affordable and long lasting solution against mosquito bites. LLIN are designed to protect you against malaria causing mosquitoes and other diseases for around three years. The net is treated with an insect repellent.

The higher the number of meshes per square inch of the net, the higher is the quality of the mosquito net. When the mosquito net gets treated with insecticidal, it becomes twice as effective as compared to a non-treated net. Long lasting insecticidal nets are considered as a cheap and highly effective means of protection against malaria.

The insecticidal treated nets are especially applicable in areas where refugees are staying. Being protected by the treated net makes them up to 70% less vulnerable to diseases when compared to being under open sky. Before, it was just a treated insecticidal net, but now it is long lasting too.

Always make sure to grab a high-quality and durable product, but also remember that every product with an extended lifetime guarantee does not always have to be expensive!


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