Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | February 01, 2017

During and after any natural disaster or conflict between states, the people that suffer the most are common people. For example, after any natural calamity like earth quake, flood or tsunami most of the people flee only with the cloths they are wearing. There is no time to collect all the valuables and other belongings to take with themselves.

Non-Food Items  

Post calamity or conflict time:-

After any such condition or war, the people find refuge in mass shelters. The first and the main thing supplied to them are eatables and clean water which are very necessary for their survival. But, with these necessary supplies they also need other basic necessities that don’t comprise of eatables and water but play a vital role in the survival and post calamity time. They are called non-food items and some of these important things are described below

Blankets and quilts:-

These NFIs are very important as sick people cannot survive without them. Normally in cold climates their importance increases many fold. Blankets and quilts are needed for survivors so that they can sleep well in the night or any time.

Buckets and water containers:-

Buckets are important as they are used to transport and collect water for cleaning, drinking, washing clothes, utensils and sewage needs. Water containers are also necessary as they can be filled with water and used when required. Jerry cans, coolers and big bottles can be used as water containers.

Soaps and towels:-

The hygiene of the survivors is also a matter that is looked closely by the authorities. Soaps and towels are supplied to each family and sometimes to every individual. Bathing, hand wash before meals, washing face and other body parts require soap and towels.

Facial tissues:-

These are soft and can be used very well in the cold and flu scenario. Soft facial tissues treat the nose and eyes softly. People don’t want rough materials to rub on their faces in which can cause allergy and irritation to the skin.


We all know in the war or calamity hit areas there won’t be electricity because of the infrastructural disturbances. So the need of generators for lighting purposes in the night, things like fans, use of electricity in the field hospitals and schools and other important issues compel the need of electricity generators.

Hydrogen peroxide:-

It is very helpful in the first aid as well as it can purify water from contamination and harmful germs. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to clean the utensils.

Dish washing soap and detergent for clothes:-

Both hold their importance respectively and cannot be denied during and after the times of crises. Detergent is used for washing clothes as the survivors can wash clothes themselves. Dish washer is also necessary because the refugees can wash utensils in the shelter by themselves.

Solar lights or panels:-

Generators may not be available in large numbers so solar lights are distributed among the families to be used in the night time. Another solution is solar panels that can be installed over the shelter to fulfill the needs of light and fans when needed.


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