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By: carmenwrivera | October 02, 2015

Core Relief Items

Usually, whenever there is the mention of Core Relief items, UNCHR appears in the mind. The link between the previously mentioned items and the relief agency is logical for two reasons. First, it is it is its raison d’être, and second, it has a vast experience in handling disasters. The first reason makes it work relentlessly to devise and work on articles that can alleviate the woes of unfortunate people. Besides, it pays heed to present those relief goods to suffering people in a timely and effective manner. For both of these purposes, it not only works on with its sister and peer entities but also with those hailing from the private sector. This working in unison has brought forth certain articles that populate the Core Relief items. These are either altogether new items or improved version of their predecessors. First, the Plastic Tarpaulin Sheet had appeared in the penultimate decade of the last century. This is one such notion that is the most used item in the category of relief items. In other words, it is one great relief for the less-fortunate humanity in any part of the world.


Co-Working Helps the Humanity

Another breakthrough dawned in the last decade of the twentieth century in the form of Semi-Collapsible Jerry Can. The event responsible for this development was the Rwanda situation. A decade had hardly lapsed when there emerged one further addition to the Core Relief items. It was Light Weight Emergency Tent. Afterwards, two more relief agencies worked together to come up with the Family Tent in the year of 2009. Among its noteworthy features is the lightweight making material. Then, these are more resistant to harsh weather conditions too. It was the result of joint effort undertaken by UNCHR, IFRC, ICRC, and some enterprises coming from the private sector.


Main Purposes of the Listed Items

The chief purpose of designing the Core Relief items catalogue is better procurement and timely provision. The reader should bear in mind that this particularly developed list does not include any edible item. Another objective of coming up with this catalogue was to streamline the working of both the manufacturers and suppliers. It is because these two camps play an important role in organizing and completing the relief activities. Furthermore, this list helps to give user-friendly colour to the UNHCR dealings with manufacturers and suppliers in the matters of sourcing, obtaining and quality-assurance. There is a vast range of parties that can make use of this list. For example, inside and outside users can find it handy while they come up with rescue plans for the both kinds of emergencies, natural and man-made upheavals.


Targeted Audience

To put it simply, this particular breakdown of the essential items it to benefit the following types groups besides the UNHCR human assets. In the first place, it is the sister entities of the UN. Then, there comes the turn of donors. Next, the possible benefactor is the range of national governments. After this, there appear manufacturers. Finally, all the implementing partners can take advantage of this effort in the form of the list.


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