Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | November 03, 2016

The beautiful park behind the road has been crumpled and houses have been destroyed. Buildings, banks, shopping centers all are gone. Gun shots, fire, bullets, bomb blasts have happened all around and there is smoke in the air. Those who suffered through all this shiver when they hear voices of army boots nearby. They are left homeless and surrendering to the troops as at least they can then get a roof in the prison. The prison is not a safe place either, but the roof will save them from the harsh weather. These are the sufferers and feel even more unfortunate on being in the shelter provided by those who demolished their houses and killed their loved ones; they massacred the people of their country. Some of these survivors wish that they would also have died with their relatives because life seems so meaningless and being in the jail at the mercy of enemies is even more tortuous.

Refugee Tent Manufacturers  

There are some who were able to cross the borders towards the safety havens and they feel lucky enough to have escaped from the land where they were terrorized. They feel happy at not being at the mercy of executors. They look forward to the neighboring country and feel that they will greet them with open hands. The refugees have traveled great miles on foot to escape from the place where terror haunted them on a daily basis and where they spent sleepless nights in the wait of death.

The neighboring country has let them in and when these refugees hear the thump of boots or shoes on ground, they look up to it. They look up to the volunteers who have arrived to provide them with things of basic needs: food, clothes and shelter.

The volunteers have arrived with tents from refugee tent manufacturers and refugees had been looking forward to it because they have been lying under the open sky since so many days. The rain might also now happen anytime soon. If the roof made up of concrete ain’t possible, they do need reliable tents which won’t leak and which would save them from harsh weather so those little children crouched in the arms of their mother may not catch cold. Refugee tents are a sign of luck - safer than the prison. The refugee tent manufacturers have come up with great quality tents and more tents are needed today because some refugees just arrived at the borders.


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