Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | September 05, 2017


The choice made by the service provider is designing different varieties of products relate to their vision in dealing with different catastrophic situations. Each product add dimension to the overall rescue operation. The philosophy of utmost comfort is directly proportional to how the service provider plans out production of products. UNCHR has established guidelines in relation to how different set of relief products must be produced. The ICRC certification is a testimony that the products offer maximum usability to the displaced people.

Repair The Refugee Despair With Non Food Items And Shelters  

Refugees have little to cherish:

Each item provisioned to them feels the whole world. Their requirements are ordinary. However, humanitarian agencies propel the extension of items that are specified to deliver a particular purpose. The non-food items along with other primary products are all invaluable in designing the all-inclusive value paradigm for the users.

The segmentation of products in relation to the target audience is essential. Some products generate a standard feeling of comfort for the users. Take water and food as an example; either gender need it for survival however infants might require different type of food. Others have distinctive value for the occupants. Long lasting insecticidal nets generate unique value for each user groups. Prevention from malaria through LLIN has a foremost added value however children may be considered as more vulnerable and may need LLIN as a leading commodity.

Take the shelters in this regard. Modern customized accommodation designed by refugee shelter specifically address the notion of rationality.

How optimum feeling of comfort can be generated:

The space allocation in a particular shelter is comprised of different aspects of height, width and carrying out routine chores. The compliance with the individual needs that are characteristic of a particular outcome is better understood by service provider having better scope of the service. For instance fire resistant shelters are ubiquitous need.


The quality of life improves when the shelter is able to resist any weather condition. Ventilation is another facet of providing enhanced engagement with the product usage. The numerous groups of displaced people have dissimilar needs to satisfy. A family of 6 people with 2 infants will require a different set of qualities that a shelter can offer. The customization of the outcome and how it specifically relates to the personal needs of the user is vital. The design of pertinent features that is compatible with the suitability of the user guarantees the accumulation of the most favorable outcomes.


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