Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | January 04, 2017

Natural calamities and phenomenons can happen anytime resulting in the unwanted results for any community, city or a country. God forbid if anything like this happens a chaotic situation appears where no one knows what to do and from where can his needs be fulfilled. Any natural tragedy that can happen to mankind include earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, torpedoes and hurricanes, etc. which can leave the people of the area homeless or without food and medicines without days.

Disaster Relief Supplies  

Role of aid agencies:-

After any such tragedy the government, aid agencies and the world community becomes aware of the needs of the people struck by disaster. Plans are made by these agencies on how to facilitate the people of the specific area. The threshold of the calamity is evaluated at this stage by the aid agencies with the help of authorities. Here comes the role of disaster relief supplies which are like oxygen to the affected people.

Need of shelters:-

After the earthquake, tsunami or flood’s devastation people of the area in need of mass shelters like family tents for themselves to live and multipurpose tents to store food, medicines, generators, tarpaulins, cooking utensils, fuel and Jerry canes, etc.

Family tents:-

Family tents are the most important of all the material that is supplied by the aid agency without which the affected people can face lot of difficulties. An ideal family tent should have these basic features

  • Should be waterproof
  • Should be rot proof
  • Should be UV stabilized
  • Should be fire resistant.
  • Could be used in all weathers

All family tents should accommodate at least 5 to 6 persons at a time.

Multipurpose tents:-

These tents should be made of steel frame and polythene cover so that they can be waterproof. These tents can be used for medical purposes like doctor clinics and small hospitals. These can be used for educational purposes like school and library. They can be best utilized for official work. These tents are also used to fulfill the accommodation needs. The other positive features of these are that they can be used in different climate zones having resistance against fast winds and heavy snow.

Storage tents:-

These are mobile storage tents and can be moved from place to another any time. These are giant sized tents specifically made for storage all equipment and supplies that are provided to the affected areas like medicines, dry food, big water containers, generators and fuel containers and other disaster relief supplies. These tents are easy to set up. Only four to six people are needed to set up this tent without lifting anything and working on heights. Made with aluminum structures and hot dipped galvanized hardware.


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