Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | April 20, 2016

You simply cannot rely on low quality core relief items in an event where your area is struck by natural disaster. It is a matter of life and death. Half measures would mean play with half chances, something you won’t and shall not do when you are forced to evacuate and live the life of a refugee. Shelter is the key facility that you will be looking for to start with. In such remote areas where you may have to stay for weeks until the situation is control you need reliable tents that are weather proof and long lasting. You cannot simply go for any tent as you may have no idea how hot, wet, humid or windy this new temporary place would be.

National Tent House  

In such situations my advice would be that you may go for the best, NRS-International  is one name that comes to mind. Working in coalition with major international relief organization like UNHCR, WHO and UNICEF it didn’t took long for this tent production company to impress all with its in depth research on different ways and trends when it comes to produce high quality, weather proof and long lasting tents, that could be anyone’s first preference in such disastrous situations.

The hard work and in depth knowledge back with strong engineering skills of the professional working with NRS-International enabled it to get noticed and make a strong impact on relief organization world over. It was the commitment level and quality standards set by this tent house that impressed international relief organizations and they felt no hesitation in adding these tents to their recommended list of core relief items. 


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