Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | May 15, 2017

A recent survey performed on the number of displaced people notice around 45.3 million individuals are refugees either because of war conflictions, discrimination or natural and environmental disasters. It is expected that the number of refugees may exceed 50 million by the end of 2020.

Countless refugee tent manufacturers are performing their best to provide a durable shelter solution for them to avoid environmental and weather difficulties. Many other authorities as well struggle for health and normalcy related matters for these refugees.

How To Plan Better For Refugee Shelters  

Better Shelter Availability:

The common shelters for refugees are only adjusting 4-5 individuals which are not an enough solution for a single family. They mostly do not work for a long period. ...

By: carmenwrivera | November 03, 2016

The beautiful park behind the road has been crumpled and houses have been destroyed. Buildings, banks, shopping centers all are gone. Gun shots, fire, bullets, bomb blasts have happened all around and there is smoke in the air. Those who suffered through all this shiver when they hear voices of army boots nearby. They are left homeless and surrendering to the troops as at least they can then get a roof in the prison. The prison is not a safe place either, but the roof will save them from the harsh weather. These are the sufferers and feel even more unfortunate on being in the shelter provided by those who demolished their houses and killed their loved ones; they massacred the people of their country. Some of these survivors wish that they w...