Disaster Response

By: carmenwrivera | September 05, 2017


The choice made by the service provider is designing different varieties of products relate to their vision in dealing with different catastrophic situations. Each product add dimension to the overall rescue operation. The philosophy of utmost comfort is directly proportional to how the service provider plans out production of products. UNCHR has established guidelines in relation to how different set of relief products must be produced. The ICRC certification is a testimony that the products offer maximum usability to the displaced people.

Repair The Refugee Despair With Non Food Items And Shelters  

Refugees have little to cherish:

Each item provisioned to them feels the whole world. Their requirements are ordinary. However, humanitarian agencies propel the extension of items tha...

By: carmenwrivera | August 03, 2017

How can you construct the experience of the people hit by a disaster? Not many of us would be able to really highlight how it feels to become vulnerable. Experiences may be good or bad but the emotional response matters a lot.

How the situation is handled is important. The vulnerable people look forward to a holistic positive experience from the rescue operators.

Supply The Relief To Disaster Hit People   

The significance of the scope of a rescue operation cannot be undermined. What rescue operators can present to the vulnerable in a consistent matter is of significance. Disaster relief supplies can proudly boast their inclusion in the league of extraordinary relief suppliers having the experience and dexterity to instantly adapt to any catastrophic situation.

What is...

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Storing food is just the beginning of being ready and prepared for an event where emergencies may take place. There are other items besides food that may play a critical role when it comes to turn one’s fight for survival into a real success.

 Non-Food Items 

The problem is that many people still lack in awareness when it comes to non-food items. They are not sure of what exactly these items are and this lack of awareness at times may cause delays in sending the right aid to those who may be suffering from a natural or man-made disasters. Following is a list of some items that are recommended for such situations:

Medical supplies:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Bandages
  • Thermometer


  • Wiping products
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toilet rolls

Personal Hygien...

By: carmenwrivera | July 04, 2017

One may easily get things mixed up when thinking about a conventional supplier (for business) and unconventional supplier (not for business, may supply relief items). The difference between them is normally not known. This piece of writing can be classified as an attempt to address this very basic yet very important aspect in clear and precise words.

 How A Relief Supplier Operates 

A conventional operator in this domain may have different sets of goals that might be mainly focused on building business and return on investments. While the job for relief supplier is simply cut out, i.e. their core focus is to work in close collaboration with the international aid agencies and organizations with a non profitable intent. The entire idea is to save maximum precio...

By: carmenwrivera | May 31, 2017

No natural disaster can be stopped even if we know about it like flood, storms or torpedoes hitting our areas. What can be done in some of these situations is to do some precautionary measures like,

  • Preparing for the worst
  • Moving to safe place
  • Gathering food
  • Collecting Important supplies
  • Clothes according to the climate
  • First aid boxes
  • Dry food and water
  • Calling the emergency agencies, etc.


Any of the natural disaster can be devastating for the people as they may lose their valuables, family members, friends etc. A lot of them get crippled for life and those who survive are in so much shock that it takes time to get them back to normality.

Relief Supplier   

Although, Government and authorities act at their fullest but still there are some ...